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This item is available for local sale or shipped                 Posted: 11/26/14 10:13am MST

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Sellers location: Coeur d'Alene, ID

Force On Force Firearms Training

Trigger Control Training's Force on Force Man Marker Course.

Attention: You must complete the Man Marker Course before registering for this course.

Trigger Control's Four Hour Man marker courses utilizes the most advanced handgun training in the world using the exclusive Ultimate Training Munitions Cartridge.

The UTM Reality Based Training System is where technology and practical application have blended together to not only redefine the training industry standard, but revolutionize it.

Trigger Control's innovative training model, within the system, provides a roadmap on how to develop training that tests individual and agency protocols, reverse engineers training from real events, and bridges the gap between firearms, tactics and combatives.

The flexibility within the Training Model, was specifically designed to be easily adaptable throughout the training cycle and applied to almost any skill level, from intermediate students, advanced operators or even combined classes of students from assorted backgrounds and competencies.

Most importantly, the system is purposely built to bridge the gap between what happens in a semi-sterile training environment to what transpires on the street or on the battlefield ??? complete with stress inoculation, adrenaline and full immersion.

Welcome to the most advanced training in the world and the rare opportunity to train with tools previously only available to elite military units.

The ability to attend this course depends completely on you the shooter, you will be asked to perform the following skills assessment before being invited to stay for the days course.

1) Presentation from holster: Skills check
2) Safety circle: Skills check
3) Type 1 malfunction: Skills check
4) Type 2 malfunction: Skills check
5) Emergency reload: Skills check
6) Trigger reset: Skills check
7) Cease Fire! Out of Role: Skills check
8) Demonstrate 7 shooting positions dry:
a) Standing
b) Kneeling
c) Sitting
d) Fetal right
e) Crunch
f) Fetal left
g) From back

If at any time during the assessment you ask for assistance or make a safety violation you will be asked to leave this days course and no refund will be provided. You will be invited to attend the next Man Marker Round Course (MMR) for your second attempt.

Trigger Control MMR course consists of 3 main sections;

Familiarization of MMR technology:
This includes an introduction to Man Marker Rounds and the safe use of this product in our sterile environment. Range commands and MMR terminology, during this section you will also conduct the skills assessment.

Force on Force:
The next level of reality based training, your target fights back! During this section you will discover and overcome the mental battle of a violent attack. You will develop the will power to concentrate and overcome a violent attack while delivering the force necessary to survive.

MMR Reality Based Training:
This is the most advanced level of training, Trigger Control offers to the civilian market. Reality based training takes all the skills you have developed in previous classroom and range sessions and puts them all together. This training tests your mental preparedness to survive, your decision making capabilities under pressure and your fight or flight response. Trigger Control's Instructors will provide you with the training you need to survive a violent attack.


Market location- Coeur dAlene